Amazing place, amazing people

Sadly our volunteering position at the Estación Biologica Las Guacamayas has come to an end and now we’re back in civilisation. The three weeks we spent there were out if this world and trying to convey our experiences in a quick blog would not do the place or people justice. So this may become a mini series.

    Part 1 – Volunteering

The Biological station is situated in an area of pristine tropical humid forest home to many amazing animals such as Jaguars, Pumas, Tapirs, and many others species of mammals, birds and reptiles and serves many purposes. Originally it was set up to preserve the jungle from illegal logging, animal capture & smuggling and to act as a deterrent against the looting of Mayan archeological sites (which are located throughout the Peten region of Guatemala) but now has expanded it’s activities to include an education program for the local villagers, provide a base for biological research and to create a model for eco tourism which helps promote and support the future of the flora and fauna in the region.

On arrival we were greeted by the stations small team of workers and management who really made us feel at home. We were then shown around the station and taken on walks through the jungle on the paths created by the station to assist in the tracking and monitoring of wildlife and to provide tourists an opportunity to really get into the jungle and perhaps meet its inhabitants.

The work opportunities for volunteers are very diverse and while our main project was to be the creation of signs for the trails we also got really involved in the education of the children from the local village of Paso Caballos and did everything else from cooking to translating documents (of course that was Dani).

The photos tell the story much better than words.

Creating the signs



Drawing the signs with a soldering iron and painting

Building the structure for the main sign using traditional methods



And the final result



Teaching English to Los Niños (The kids)



The volunteer work was really worthwhile as it contributed towards the success of the station and its efforts to preserve this jungle paradise, and speaking of the jungle the next blog will show some of its beauty and its inhabitants.

Love to all.


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